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A Slave for Two:Revisited

2023-01-20 21:55:15

Introduction: A Slave finds two new Masters
This was an idea from my girlfriend and life-partner Mallory. It is total fiction and has no basis, just a thought brought into a fantasy story. I hope that you enjoy. Please remember to vote at the end of reading. It will help others to read the story.
Thanks, Jenny.......

The Slave Girl

Mike and Ashley had been married for over 7 years. While most of their life together was great, one part was not. Their Sex Life…. Ashley had been molested as a young child and then raped at the age 19. While her husband knew of this before they got married, it had not affected their sex lives until about 2 years after marriage. Their sex life got worse and worse and eventually caused them to split up.

Mike found a girlfriend during their split and for a while the fun was good. But she wasn’t Ashley. After a while they came up with a way to get back together and stay together. They decided together that since Mike needed more sex than what Ashley was willing to provide, that Mike would be allowed to have an open relationship. They also decided that if Ashley wanted something different from time to time, that they would find guys online for threesomes with Mike only. This was what Ashley wanted because she wasn’t comfortable with strange men alone.

The plan worked perfectly and for the next 6 years Mike had 2 or 3 sex buddies and Ashley had been involved in 3-4 threesomes with Mike and another male and two threesomes with Mike and another girl. While sex buddies weren’t always available especially the females, Mike was able to endure with masturbation.

The plan changed though in 2003. Mike had always played the same numbers on 3 different weekly lotteries. He finally hit the jackpot in March of that year, the payout after tax was 68 million.

They moved out of their small trailer and built a 5 million dollar house about 15 minutes from town. The house sat on 25 acres of land and it was all surrounded by a 10 foot black fence. The sides and the back were even more private. They had put up a 8 foot privacy fence just inside of the Black Metal Fence. The sides of the house also had a privacy fence. So the back yard was completely secluded.

The inside of the House was just as impressive. It had two floors plus a basement and a large built in attic room with another bedroom and bathroom. There was a total of 6 bedrooms, one main kitchen and 1 mini kitchen, 9 bathrooms, and a four car garage. It was the biggest house that they could build, which is why they built it. They were only in their early 30’s but they wanted to build a house that they would spend the rest of their lives in.

Mike bought a lot of toys but the one thing Mike liked the most was sex and Ashley just wasn’t interested but a few times a month. It was a little easier for Mike to pick up girls when he drove a nice sports car and threw money around everywhere, but it seemed that some wanted to take the place of his wife, and he loves his wife they were best friends, just not the best sex partners.

Mike was up on the internet one night and started to look through some porn sites. He ran across one that was on BDSM, and Sex Slaves. Mike was increasingly aroused by the sample videos so he paid for a membership on the sight. Mike was so turned on by the videos that he masturbated constantly.

One day while on the sight he saw that they had a personals section for those who were interested in becoming both Masters and Slaves. He made himself a profile and then went to talk to his wife about what he had in mind.

“ I joined a web-site a few weeks ago that deals in Sex Slaves. What do you think about me trying to find us a live in sex slave?” Mike asked.

“ A sex slave? does someone sell them to you or do they volunteer?” She asked with a half laugh.

“ They volunteer. They like to be slaves and told what to do. They are learned in how to do what they are told no matter what it is. They are even open to pain and to punishment.” I said.

“ What? Do you like pay them?” She said.

“ Well terms aren't established. But I think the deal will be a contract that they would sign that would say that they are agreeing to be a sex slave and a house-keeper for 1 year. If they stay the whole year, I will pay them $100,000.00. If they quit before the year is up, they will get $500.00 a week for the time they have worked for us.” I said.

“ $100,000.00 is a lot of money, but you might actually get a good slave that way. What do I get out of it?” She grinned.

“ I was thinking about that. One, you get a housekeeper. Two, you get someone to help you with whatever you need. Three, anytime you want her to lick you all you have to do is tell her to do it. Four, she can give you those long massages that you like. Five, it will be safer than me with multiple partners. Six, I will not bug you for sex quite so much.” I said.

“ I think that it sounds like a good idea. But we have to make sure that we get a good person. I don’t want a psycho living with us.” Ashley said.

Ashley helped him to find the perfect girl. They talked to her 5-6 times on e-mail, then another 3-5 times on the phone before they set up web cam with her.

They told her that it was very important for them to make sure that she was not only what they wanted looks wise but also that she did exactly what she was told to do.

They also went over the terms with her.

The terms was as follows:

She would not get a weekly check. She was property not a paid worker. She would work in the house as a housekeeper and work on housework inside and out at least 8 hours per day.

She would do anything that was asked of her by both of them. .

She should be extremely sexual, and willing to do anything sex wise that is asked of her. She should like to be tied up, she should like to be spanked and whipped, she should be willing to take whatever beating that she may deserve.

She must like to swallow cum in anyway that is asked of her.

She must be willing to have sexual contact with Ashley and do whatever she would like of her.

She would be given a two safe words. One that begs for mercy that would give her a break of 15 minutes during punishment sessions. The other would tell me to stop completely. The first word could be uttered with-out any consequence. The second word was the word of termination of the contract, other wards she would be quitting.

The contract would be good for one year starting the date she started. If she didn’t stay the entire year she would get $500.00 a week for the time she was our slave. If she did stay the entire year, she would get $100,000.00 put into her private account.

At her one year, they would offer to let her stay. If she chooses to stay, she would have to sign another contract the same as the first contract. The money would be but into an account each year.

She would not be allowed to access any money for any reason until she quits.

She would not be allowed to bring anything except for one weeks worth of clothes, two pairs of shoes, 10 pictures, and a car if she needs it to get to my house and at that she would have to sell it once she arrived. She was not allowed any other personal possessions. Everything that they wanted her to have the would pay for.

She is also aware that the first two weeks of her being at her house would be Slave Initiation. She would have to prove that she will be what they needed her to be in order to proceed past these two weeks.

She agreed that this would be acceptable to her. Her name was Taylor Jane They found out that she was from Texas and was 19 years old. Her mother had married her step-father at the age of 2. Her mother died when she was 4 from a car accident. Her step-father was a nice guy, but he liked little girls a lot and started molesting Taylor when he and her mom first got together. She had been touching him, and he her, for so long that she really didn’t know it was even wrong. She grew up sexually with them always naked at home and them always touching and getting each other off.

She started to realize when she got older that it wasn’t normal. She tried to stop, but he sank into such a depression that she decided to just do what-ever she could to make him happy. She didn’t dislike their time together, it just seemed weird to her now. She started to live for him and not herself. After a while she
started to enjoy it again and even fell in love with him. He started to treat her like a slave and she liked that too. All was good up till 6 months earlier. Her step dad met another female about a year earlier and he decided that he wanted a normal relationship with her. He told Taylor and she was heart broken.

She tried to find a few boyfriends, but none of them would be both nice and mean to her at the same time. They were even not in love with her at all and treated her worthless, or they would be to nice to give her pain. They all thought she was just a freak and wasn’t to happy with her. But when her new step-mom found out, she starting making her life a hell. Calling her names and being cruel.

Going online she found out about being a sex slave. She ended up on the same website as Mike a week earlier. The situation at her home was so bad that her step dad gave her one month to move out. He didn’t want her to ruin his relationship with his new woman.

Mike wanted to see if she was real or just playing with him. So after about a week of chatting they decided to put the plan into motion.

They would wire her $2100.00. They would also buy her an airline ticket to get her to their area. If she was sincere she would fly to them and bring them $2000.00 of the money back to them. She could use the other $100 for food and a cab to the airport since she didn’t have a car. She agreed and they sent her the money by Western Union. they got it all together and contacted her back with the plans.

She was to board the plane the next day and was to arrive close to them around 2pm. They agreed that Mike would pick her up at the airport. The moment he saw her he was captivated by her. Her web-cam did little to show the beauty of her face. She was about 5’1, 100lbs tops, a light C cup, and a great body from the clothes on standpoint.

He greeted her and showed her the way to his car. Once inside they chatted about the situation and took the 15 minute drive to their house.

Once at the house, Mike and Ashley sat down with her in the living-room to chat with her. Taylor then reached into her pocket and pulled out the $2000.00 that Mike thought they would never see again, along with Ashley. But their she was with the money in hand. She also gave them over $40.00 of the hundred back.

Mike then brought out the contract he had made up with some help of a personal attorney friend. Ashley was told to read it all and then to sign it if she still thought she could do it. Ashley read the entire 2 page contract and then signed it and dated it.

Mike showed Taylor to her room on the third floor and then asked her to unpack into her closet and dresser. He told her to come down stairs once she was finished. Taylor came down about 15 minutes later.

“ Now you know that the first two weeks are not going to be easy for you. We have went over with you the 2 safe words that are in the contract and you know what will happen for each one given, correct?”

“ Yes Master” Taylor said.

“ Now I want for you to take all of your cloths off in front of us.” Mike demanded.

Taylor didn’t ask any questions, she took off her clothes one by one until they were all off. She had a great set of tit’s, about a light C cup, with big thick nipples that stuck out at least about half an inch. Her pussy was just as attractive. She was fully shaved with thick labia lips that stuck out about an inch from her pussy lips. I then asked her to turn around. Her ass was just as impressive as the rest of her. She had a bubble butt that would have a black woman jealous, it was perfectly shaped.

Her face was just as impressive. She had long black hair that hung half way down her back, she said she had only a few light trims growing up; she did have banes though. Her eyes were emerald green, almost to green to be real; I had to ask if they were contacts, but they were real. Her eye lashes were long and stuck out and curved up really nicely. Her lips though were so nice. They were thick and puffy; she later told us that her step dad had paid to have surgery done to puff them up. They were so hot on her.

“ We see that you have entered into the agreement by showing up. But we want to make sure that you aren’t going to just decide at anytime that you are going to leave. We don’t want to waste time on someone who isn’t what we want. So I am going to ask you a question, How far are you willing to let me control you?” Mike said.

“ You are my master and mistress, I will do anything that you ask short of any major crimes, or anything that could do permanent damage to me. I will do anything thing else that you ask.” Taylor said.

“ I need to know that you are going to take this time very seriously. That means that I have to ask you to give me something to prove to me that you are not just going to quit at any time. So I have decided to ask you for something that I know you are very close to.” Mike said as he got up and went over to a box he had waiting for her.

He handed the box to Taylor and she opened it up. Inside their was a pair of scissors, a rubber band, a bag, 5 razors, electric hair sheers with attachments, and shaving cream.

“ I don’t want any hair to be left on you except brows and lashes. You are to be hairless from head to toe at all times. I want you to go to your bathroom and shave it all off. I will give you an hour to finish as I know it could be hard for you to do this.” Mike said.

Taylor didn’t know what to say. She was horrified by the possibility of loosing the hair she rarely even cut. But she took the box and went upstairs with it.

: “ You always wanted a bald slave girl didn’t you?” Ashley commented smiling at me.

:”I don’t know why but a bald female has always turned me on so much. I hope that she can handle doing it though.” Mike said.

“She will so okay, she seems to want this, maybe it was to early though to make her do this? Said Ashley

“ I think that this may keep her here longer and make her go thorough with it. She is going to be very self-conscious no matter if we like it or not. She probably won’t want to even leave the house.” Mike said.

“ Are we going to parade her around town bald?”

“ Yes” Said Mike.

One hour passed and Mike had just heard the upstairs door open. She proceeded to come down the stairs.

As she came into sight, They saw that she had done it. She was completely bald, she had cut it all off and shaved it to the scalp. Just looking at her made Mike want to cream in his pants. He could see that she had been crying, her face was all red and puffy. But the important thing was that they now knew that she was going to stay and give this a real shot.

“ During these two weeks, you are not going to be allowed to wear any cloths except flip flops, I don’t like hard feet. If we have company you will have to stay in your room. Also we have you set to go to a clinic tomorrow to get some test done. You will be given STD test, a general physical, you are also be switched to the depo-shot to keep you from getting pregnant. After you have these test done we can start experimenting sexually with you.”

Mike continued, “ There are also some general rules for you to follow-

1. You are never allowed to leave the property with-out permission.

2. You are never to discuss the terms of our contract. To everyone else you are
just paid help. They may ask questions about your bald head, you will tell
them that you have a hair disease that won’t allow your hair to grow right so
you have always shaved it off.

3. You will shave your head and the rest of your body every 2 days until we can
find a way a start doing waxing or other ideas.

4. You are to stay in a good mood and play-full at all times with us.

5. You are not allowed to have any contact outside of me and the wife. If you
are caught trying to have any sort of relationship outside of us, you will be
asked to leave. Be nice to people, but do not flirt with them unless told to do
so. Shut down any attempts by anyone by telling them that you are already

6. You are allowed the freedom of the house as you are to fill the position of
maid, cook, and light yard work. Your job requires you to work about 6
hours a day. We do have a maid crew that comes in on Mondays that will
handle the scrubbing of floors, and they do a lot of the heavy cleaning.
When doing any of the yard work out back, you are to stay naked during
warm days, this will help you tan. You are only allowed cloths for front
yard work and when company in over. We will get you some sunscreen.

7. If you become ill, you will inform us immediately. You belong to us, and
we have a right to know if our property is not functioning properly.

8. Even though your position is that of a slave, you are a part of us. You
don’t need to isolate yourself. I am hoping that you and Ashley can form
a sort of friendship. Me and you will form a sort of boyfriend and girlfriend
relationship, we will probably grow to have feelings for each other and
love each other. We will hold each other and cuddle and kiss, you may
form the same with Ashley. We don’t want you to feel like an outsider in
our new family. Just realize that Me and Ashley have something that will
not ever go away, so don’t ever get jealous. You are never going to be our
equal, you are a slave that we love and hopefully will develop into a
friendship on some level.

9. Your stay here will be in direct relation to how you act. You will be
punished for how you act. The length and severity of that punishment
will be determined of what you do and how many times you have been
told about it. Your punishments will vary and will be painful and
degrading. You will always thank me for punishing you.

10. We will most likely have some sort of sexual activity everyday. Some
may benefit you, some may not. This will most always be separate from
what you and Ashley may do together.

11. Remember that you are not allowed to say no to us without leaving us.
You must be open to any sexual activity with will include: BDSM,
Water-sports, cum play, lesbian acts, anal, toys, pain, ect. You may not
always enjoy these activities, but you will beg for what you don’t like as
much as what you do like. Give the impression that you want it all.

12. You will always swallow my cum. You may sometimes be called to
retrieve my cum from Ashley’s pussy. You may just be their with us for
me to give you a load. But my cum will be your new favorite candy.

13. You may on occasion be asked by me to have sex with someone else,
if you are told to do so then you will. You will do everything possible
to make it the time of their lives. But let them know in the end that
it was only a one time fun thing, don’t try to get close to you. Some of
them may not know that you are a slave and we don’t need them getting
attached to you.

14. You are to let us know anytime that you are having monthly period

15. You will be taken shopping by me on a weekly basis after you ini-
tiation period. We are not looking for what you like, we will be looking
for what I want for you to wear. This will range from outfits to jewelry.
Your look will range from schoolgirl jeans and tops, to slutty and gothic
clothing. You will be bought makeup and all personal hygiene items. I
am a little sensitive with perfumes so I will pick out what I want for
you to wear.

16. You and Ashley will do the food shopping together. You are allowed
a few snack items for the house.

17. Be aware that we will be monitoring your weight. You are to keep
your weight at 100, if you ever go over 110 there will be severe and
cruel penalties to get you back down to your idea weight. We will go
over this lightly during your training over the next two weeks.

18. Starting Monday, there will be a trainer coming out once a week to
help you get started on an exercise program. I want you to exercise at
least 2 times a week with weights, and I want for you to go jogging at
least 3 times per week.

19. After we believe that you will stay, You will be taking a masseuse
class, CPR, First Aid, Cooking. You will always be learning from this
point on. You are to develop yourself in every way possible. We all
will be taking private Karate instruction here at the house. You are to
learn and practice the art.

20. Have fun. Their will be things that you don’t like as well as others,
but if you relax and just approach it will a curious and fun nature you
will enjoy it. Don’t say to yourself that you don’t like it, say to yourself
that it will be fun and enjoyable.

“ I wish that I could start your training tonight. But I can not do that because of your examination tomorrow. But since it is supper time and your first night in town, get dressed and lets go out to eat and celebrate this occasion. We will leave in 30 minutes” Mike said.

Taylor left to go out of the room and went upstairs, Ashley also went to touch up her hair and make-up. Mike was already ready so he just waited for them.

Mike could tell that Taylor was a little scared about going out in public with-out any hair. He didn’t want her used to it to fast so he would keep her secluded over the next few weeks, but for tonight he had to find something to do that would get them out of the house. Her bald head with those beautiful eyes and lips made her Mike’s fantasy slave girl. She was perfect physically in ever way.

Everyone did stare at Taylor as they went in to the restaurant. Some even laughed at her a little, but no one said anything to loud. Taylor saw their stares and became very self-conscious. Mike felt the need to comfort her.

“ Taylor, look at me. You are beautiful, half of the guys in here want to fuck your brains out.
They think your shaved head in interesting and exotic. Don’t be ashamed, you belong to me not yourself, I am not ashamed of you at all. You are my trophy, and I want to show you off.” Mike said to her as she stared into his eyes.

Taylor felt a sense of ease come over her as Mike said that. She had always had her hair and felt totally vulnerable with-out it. It wasn’t something that she would get used to overnight, but she couldn’t help but to feel a sense of comfort from his words. She felt something inside of her, she knew that he was going to be a good master. She knew he would have a good heart and a hard hand.

As they ate, Mike and Ashley got to know Taylor and told them of themselves. No one would have known that they were anything other than friends. They laughed and joked and just had fun. Taylor knew that she had found what she was looking for, and Mike and Ashley knew they had found the playful good
going slave girl that Mike had always wanted.

They didn’t get home till after 10pm, they had been out talking for hours and all were happy about the new life they were starting. They all got ready for bed. Mike went to Taylor’s room and tucked her in. She was of course naked again as to the rules that she wear no cloths. Mike came in to see her laying naked on the bed with no covers over her yet reading a book from the books I had left in her room on sex slaves and BDSM.

She stopped as soon as he entered her room and gave him full attention.

“ You are so beautiful, so perfectly shaped. I am going to have to be a little mean to you starting tomorrow. I am going to have to show you up front all of the all of the ways that you will be punished and just how bad some will be. They will be extremely painful and degrading. Are you sure that you want to go through with it?”

“ I give you my life, I just ask that you spare it from death.” As she stared into his eyes again.

“ I will never instinctually hurt you to the point of hospital care. I will only take you to the limits of what you will be able to stand. These next two weeks will be hard for you and it may take you a week to recover. It will not be easy for me to hurt you as much as I have to do, but I have no choice but to make sure you are
understanding of the agreement. You have to know your place and our position over you. Your appointment is at 8am in the morning, I don’t want you to eat or drink anything after now until I say you can.” Mike said.

“ I want so badly to touch you, but per my agreement with my wife, I have to wait for you to get an all clear. So I am going to go and fuck Ashley tonight, but I will be thinking about your body. Make sure to take care of yourself tonight.” Mike them got up and left the room grudgingly.

Mike woke up the next morning at his normal time of 6:30. Although Mike wasn’t at the moment working for anyone, having quit his job when he won the lottery, was just in the habit of waking up early. He went to Taylors room and went in. He went over to her bed and kissed her on the forehead to wake her up.
She was so beautiful ever during sleep.

“Wake up sleepy head, we have to get ready so you can get your tests done at the clinic. We need to get a shower and get dressed.” Mike commented.

“ Do I need to wait for you to finish first master.”

“ No, we will take one together. I have an idea on something we can do that won’t be a issue with Ashley.

They both got off the bed and went into Taylors bathroom. Mike started the shower and then turned around to Taylor. Mike didn’t have to even ask, Taylor started to strip him. When she took off his underwear, she got the first glimpse of his dick. He was 7 inches long and a little thick, she was extremely relieved as she feared that he might be small and she never liked little dicks even to suck on.

Mike’s dick has already hard in anticipation for the event he had thought of just as he woke up. He got into the shower and got wet, then he got the foaming bath gel from the corner tub shelf and gave it to Taylor. Taylor again didn’t need any coaching, she took the bottle from him and put a large amount in her hand. Mike turned around so his back was facing her. She then started to lather him up and clean him with her hands. She was happy to get the opportunity to touch him. She was always a contact person and loved to touch and be touched.

Mike then turned around. He then turned her around. He grabbed the soap and proceeded to clean her back. and her perfectly shaped ass. After that was done he turned her back around he took some more of the soap and started cleaning her front. He took extra time to rub her breast and play with her nipples. They stared into each others eyes as he was turning her on.

Mike then gave her some of the foam soap out of the bottle into her hand. She knew what to do. She started with his chest and slowly worked her way down to his dick. Once there, she started using the soap as a lubricant to stroke his dick. Mike turned her around so her back was on the back wall of the tub. As the water hit his back he stuck his fingers on his clit and started to rub her as she continued to stroke him.

They were face to face and Mike and Taylor both wanted to kiss each other so badly, but they knew that it was against the rules that Ashley had for them to keep at the moment. So they just got with-in an inch of each others faces and rubbed faces and gave nosy Eskimo kisses to each other as they both started moving into an orgasm. Taylor went off first and Mike liked how much she threw into that orgasm. She fell to her knees, washing all of the soap off of his dick while still stroking him, Mike felt the orgasm build up and at the last second he told Taylor to open her mouth. Mike shot about 8 streams of cum into her mouth. Taylor swallowed it all and Mike wanted so badly to stick it into her mouth, but he would have to wait to see if she cleared the test before he could do that.

They both wanted to kiss each other as she rose from her knees, but what could they do, they were bound by the rules at the moment, but soon that would be all over.

Mike then went to get dressed and Taylor got dressed as well. Then arrived at the clinic at 7:50am, Mike and Taylor was showed to a room and they waited for the doctor to come in. As soon as the Doctor came in Mike reached into his packet and gave him an envelope of money. The doctor took the money and smiled and inserted it into his pocket. Taylor didn’t ask any questions she just went with the flow and did as she was asked. The Doctor had his nurses come in to get blood, skin scrap, mouth and throat swab, and urine. They had there own lab on premise, so with-in an hour, with the help of Mike’s envelope of money, they had all of the test back and had given Taylor the Depo-shot. Taylor was given an all clear perfect bill of health and they were gone with-in one and a half hours of arriving.

Mike was tempted to fuck her as soon as they got home, but that wouldn’t be the best thing to do right now. He needed to give her new pleasures and he gave her pain, it was the only way she could learn to associate pain and sex, a needed component in a master/slave relationship.

Mike told her to go to her room and await his arrival. He made her wait almost an hour before he came up.

“ There is a room that connects to this room through that locked door. We need to go in there now.” Mike said.

Taylor for the first time was scared. She knew that this time was coming, but she had but it out of her mind. As they entered the room, she saw special tables, wall and floor chains, a machine with a dildo on it, and lots of other BDSM torture equipment.

Mike took Taylor over to a wall that had restraints coming down from the wall and from the floor. Mike hooked her to the wall with her back against the wall, in an “X” formation with her legs and arms spread out. He put a dishpan between her legs.

“ If you need to pee you will have to do so in the pan , it you have to shit you will do so in the bucket. You can’t have anything to eat, I will give you water to drink every hour starting in a minute. There will not be any air conditioning in this area. It will get up to about 80 degrees in here. I do have a fan that will go for
light circulation, but it will not be pointed at you. You are going to sweat a lot. This will be hell for you, but you won’t die. This will last all day and all night. You will not be released till morning.”

“ I am scared” she said trembling.

“ I know, but I believe in you. You will be okay, you are tough.” Mike said.

He then gave her a drink of water and left the room, shutting the door.

Mike came back in an hour later. He found her already starting to sweat and
as the room temperature was quickly rising outside. She was so sexy as the light sweat glassined her naked body.

“ Are you okay Taylor? I asked her.

“ Yes I am okay.” She said.

Mike gave her some water and left again for another hour.

The same thing happened all the way up to 9pm that night. Mike came in and she started swopping. She was tired of starting yet it hurt for her to fall down on the top restraints. Mike had drilled one inch holes in the wall that went into a stud that was between her legs. He inserted the wood pipe that would go into the hole for her to lightly rest on. It gave her a sort of rest. He then gave her water and left It all went the same up till the midnight run. Mike told her that he would not be back in till morning. He gagged her mouth and cut off the lights, she tried to scream but couldn’t. Mike shut the door and went to bed.

Mike woke up at 6:45. He knew that Taylor had to be in bad shape by this point. He got up, went to the bathroom, and then went to go check on Taylor.

As Mike entered the room he saw that Taylor was passed out. He went over to her, took her gag out and started to untie her restraints. As he untied her arms he had to catch her. He took her over to a table, and laid her on it. She barely moved. He then left her and went to go get ready. He returned to the bondage room about 3 hours later.

As he entered the room he saw that Taylor was awake and sitting on the table.

“ How are you today” Mike asked while giving her some water.

“ I am so sore, especially my arms, but I will make it.”

“ I want you to go back to the wall again.” Mike said.

Taylor looked at Mike with the most pathetic look you could imagine. She didn’t want to go back onto that wall for nothing, but she did as she was told to do. This time Mike had her face the wall. She really didn’t like doing this, but what could she say, she was property. Mike took the pole back out and then left her to stand again. Mike took the pole to the garage, he had an idea. Mike took the pole and put a sandpaper sheet around it.

Ashley really didn’t want anything to do with this from the beginning, but Mike convinced her that she would never get the respect out of her if she didn’t help with the process. Mike told her to sympathize with Taylor but do not go outside of the boundaries that he have set up. So Ashley would go up to see her and give her water every hour.

Mike went in at 3pm to turn her back facing the front. She was begging me to put to stick back in, but he refused. he told her maybe later if she was nice. He then gave her water and left.

He went back up at 6pm that night. It had been so hard for him to stay away, but he really wanted to have some fun with Taylor. He saw that she was drenched in sweat, it was running off her breast and down her body. She again begged him for the pole. He gave her some water. Then stripped down naked and went over to her. He took his body and rubbed it against her sweat soaked body, getting her sweat all over him. He then took his tongue and started to lick the sweat off of her neck, forehead, and between her tits.

He then took her nipples into his mouth and sucked on them until she was moaning. He then took her leg restraints loose, picked her up against the wall and positioned his dick at her hole. He then dropped her straight down onto his cock. She yelled in pain so loud that Ashley actually heard it one the bottom floor, but she knew not to come up. Tears shuttered down her face as he continued to fuck her hard and rough. But with-in a few minutes she started to moan, the pain was mixing with the enjoyment. He fucked her until she orgasmed all over his cock. He didn’t try to go off, he just tied her back up and put in the sandpaper stick and left. He went and found Ashley and fucked her right of the kitchen table. It was the hottest sex they had had in years.

Mike continues hourly visits until 10 that night with-out any issues. At the 10pm visit, Taylor was crying. The wood pole to give her rest was causing irritation between her legs just as it was mean to. She was complaining that it was so sore. Mike was annoyed by here complaining, he saw that she had taken a shit in the bucket along with the piss and decided humiliation was now in order.

Mike got the dishpan gloves out of the cabinet in the room. he took a sponge and dipped it into the urine, he started to give her a sponge back with it. Taylor didn’t say anything. She was so hot that the urine was a welcome coolness to here skin.

Then Mike took the next step. It was gross and he didn’t really like it, but it was humiliation beyond. He took the shit into his glove and rubbed it all in the face of Taylor. Taylor was begging him to stop but Mike covered her face with her own piss soaked shit until it was all over her face. She begged him to wash it off but Mike left he room with her screaming, he barely made it to her bathroom before loosing the lunch he had eaten earlier. He really didn’t mind the piss so much, but the shit was just nasty. Still though it was a good humiliation tactic. She would have to stay that way for the day..

Mike continued hourly visits until 10 that night with-out any issues. At every visit Taylor was crying begging him to take the shit off her face and to remove the wood pole due to the irritation that the sandpaper was causing between her legs just as it was mean to. She was complaining that it was so sore. Mike had decided that she had earned a slower and a decent nights sleep.

Mike untied her legs and then removed the pole, then her undone her arm restraints, Mike allowed her to fall to the floor this time and told her to crawl to the shower and clean up. Mike walked ahead of her and started the shower, he helped her stand once she got there and then went and sat on her bed as she spent the next 20 minutes cleaning herself.

Mike put three towels on the bed. He went to get her out and carried her to the bed. He laid her of the bed and they he held her until she was fast asleep. That morning he awoke to Taylor in front of him and Ashley behind him. Ashley had woke up during the night and joined them in the bed.

Ashley woke up when she felt Mike stir. She got up and asked if she could cook us all breakfast. He agreed that Taylor needed to eat as she hadn’t done so in two days. Taylor awoke to the smell of food coming from the kitchen. She looked over at him with a look of “Can I eat”. I told her that Ashley was fixing a huge breakfast and that she was free to eat with us.

I could tell that she was sore during breakfast. She didn’t complain though, she just ate like she hadn’t done so in 10 years. She ate and ate.

“ I think that you owe Ashley a special thank you for that breakfast. I hadn’t
really planned on feeding you yet until Ashley asked if she could cook us all breakfast.” Mike said.

Taylor got up and walked over to Ashley who was in the kitchen starting to wash some of the dishes. She hadn’t heard my comment to Taylor and was unaware of her arrival.

Taylor walked up to her back and leaned over to kiss Ashley on her neck. That was one of those places that really got Ashley’s attention. She leaned her head to the side as Taylor continued to kiss her neck. The touch of a woman was something that Ashley knew nothing about but did sometimes fantasize about. She turned around and was at first shocked that it wasn’t me.

But then she did something that still shocks him. She leaned in and kissed Taylor for a good 5 minutes right on the lips. They took turns slipping each others tongues into each others mouths and it was the most erotic thing that he had ever seen.

Mike watched as his wife took leaned down totally unaware or uncaring that she was being watched and starting to suck on Taylor’s fully erect nipples. Taylor was moaning loudly as Ashley went to work on the first pair of nipples she had ever had in her mouth.

With-in a few minutes Taylor was helping Ashley out of her cloths. The sight of them both naked going at each out like to horny sex craved teens, was very captivating. Mike couldn’t take his off of them as Taylor leaned down to take Ashley’s erect nipples into her mouth. Ashley was loosing all control, Mike was starting to wonder if Ashley had really lost interest in sex or if she just needed a different type of sex, like lesbian sex.

They were all over each other and it was intensifying at a heavy rate. As Mike watched he saw them start to kiss again, but this time they had their hands between each others legs rubbing each other with a passion. Ashley started to cum first and then Taylor started to cum. They fell against each other onto to floor and just held each other. Mike thought that would be it, but soon they were back to kissing and then something unexpected happened again, they got into a 69 position on the floor and started to eat each other. This was the first time Ashley had ever ate out a female, but she was lapping her pussy with a vengeance.

Taylor was the first to cum this time, but Ashley held off a while longer and continue to eat at Taylor as Taylor was bringing her to an orgasm. Ashley finally gave in to the desire to cum and unleashed onto Taylor’s awaiting tongue. Both girls were spent, Mike walked out of the area and went to the living room to wait for them to return. Mike didn’t want Ashley to be embarrassed by him saying anything so he said nothing until she came into the living room.

“ Baby, me and Taylor just has sex in the kitchen.”

“ Did you enjoy it? Mike asked.

“ Yes, I really did. I had thought about it before but I never thought I would do it. It was extremely fun and such a turn on. If you don’t mind I want to explore this more with Taylor.” Ashley said.

“ I don’t mind, just don’t turn lesbian on me.” Mike said jokingly.

“ Don’t worry babe I really like a real dick, don’t think anything would be ever able to change that.” Ashley smiled at me.

This was going even better that Mike had even thought possible. Not only did he get his sex slave, but he also got his wife experimenting with their new slave. He didn’t know what could have been better than that.

This morning was a good diversion, but Taylor still had 12 day’s of training left and time was passing by. He decided that today would not be a heavy day but he did want to test her in a few areas. Mike was still hard from him having watched them having sex. He needed relief and he had two females to take care of him. He decided to not push Ashley to much right now. She was starting to show signs of progress, the best thing for her was to move ahead slowly. So that left Taylor. He found her in the Kitchen finishing the dishes that Ashley turned over to her.

“ Taylor we need to continue your training. I need you back in the BDSM room when you are finished.”

“ Yes master” she said with a look at both fear and apprehension.

Mike was up in the room for only about 5 minutes when Taylor came in.

“ Can I do to the bathroom before we start” She asked.

“ No, use the pan.” Mike said.

“ But I have to poop” Taylor commented

“ And what you want to do that in private? What if I want to watch? You know what, I do want to watch. I want you to face the wall and crouch down and shit into that dishpan.” Mike demanded.

Taylor didn’t ask any questions, she did as she was told and pushed out a large shit right into to dishpan. Mike didn’t like shit it was smelly and nasty, but Taylor needed to learn that when it comes to her, Mike has all rights. He told her to pick up the dishpan and go dump it into the toilet. Then he wanted her to clean her asshole good and wash the pan and bring it back. She did as she was told.

“ Taylor, I saw you and Ashley this morning. I thought it was great. I was afraid that she might not go through with her fantasy’s, but she is moving fast and I am happy about that. What I am not happy about is the hard on in my pants right now. I need to have some fun with you. But I don’t want to just have sex with you, you are like my new sex toy. I want to play with you for a while.” Mike said.

“ So what I want to do first is for you to come and lay on this table.”

The table was a full table that was padded and adjustable up and down. He got naked and got onto the table beside her. They started kissing each other. Taylor enjoyed her time with Ashley that morning, it had been her first female encounter and she had fun, but she really liked a guy’s dick inside of her and in her mouth. The also liked the firmness of his lips, and the strength of a man. She had wanted him since she first arrived.

As they kissed Taylor could feel herself falling in love with her Master. As they kissed Mike reached for her tits and started to squeeze her nipples Taylor’s nipples had always been super sensitive, sometimes if she had not wore a bra, the shirt rubbing her nipples would be all that it would take to get her horny as hell.

Mike loved the feeling of her lips. They were so kissable and so soft. She was the most beautiful female he had ever been with sexually and the great thing was that she really wanted him. He could sense that it wasn’t for play, she wanted to be there.

Taylor was now super turned on. She reached down and grabbed his dick and started stroking him. Mike was so turned on that he melted into her arms, but reality hit him and he remembered that they were not equals and now was not the time to give her that impression. He got off of the table and lowered it so that her head was level with his dick. He grabbed her head and guided it to his dick. She
opened up her mouth and took his dick into her mouth.

She had been waiting for this moment as well. From the first time she saw his dick, she had wanted it in her mouth. Taylor loved nothing more that sucking on a dick. The feeling of it pulsing in her mouth, the signs and the moans of making a man happy with what you do. The satisfaction of getting him off. Many times in the past she had been content with sucking her stepdad off while masturbating herself to an orgasm.

She sucked on Mike’s dick for at least 10 minutes before Mike had to stop her. Those big lips and her skillful tongue, made Mike get to close to cumming. He wasn’t ready to let it be over yet. He wanted this to last at least a few hours.

“ I need for you to go back to the wall. I will be attaching you again.” Mike said.

“ But I really want you.” She sighed

“ What you want doesn’t matter. You will take what you are given, not demand for what you want.” Mike commented.

Taylor walked back to the wall and prepared to be reattached. But Mike told her to turn around and face the wall. A tear came out of Taylor’s eye as she turned around. Once reattached to the wall, Mike started the next phase of the treatment. He went over and grabbed the thin cane, the whip, and the paddle.
It was time for the pain to really start. He took the whip first and started to lightly flick it at her ass. It was only enough pain to lightly draw her attention. But it got the ball turning.

He then went up against her. He started kissing her neck and started turning her on. He reached around her and started playing with her nipples. They were hard and firm. She was getting turned on by the spanking. He wondered how far this would last. He took his hand and put it between her legs. He reached to her pussy and stated rubbing her clit. She was super wet and she needed to orgasm. He rubbed her until she was close to going off, then he stopped.

“ No please don’t stop, I need to go off please finish me. Please…..” she begged on death ears.

He took the paddle and began to spank her with it. Giving her multiple licks with the paddle. She begged him to stop, but Mike just continued to spank her harder with the paddle. After about 6 hits, he put the paddle back down. He moved over to her again and once again started to rub her pussy, she was even wetter than before. He once again brought her right to the edge of an orgasm and once again he stopped.

Taylor begged him once again to get her off, but it again went on death ears. He untied her and took her to another table called the doggy table because it left her in a doggy style position off the edge of a table. He had her lie on her stomach on the edge of the end of the padded table. He then adjusted to small leg supporters that were on the legs of the end of the table. He tied her legs to the leg extensions, then he came around to tie Taylors hands together under the table.

He then grabbed the cane.

“ This is going to hurt the most.” He said to her.

He then swung the cane back and then swung it full force onto her ass. She clinched the table and started to cry. He then swung it back again and swung it into her ass again. She screamed this time so loudly that if they had close neighbors they would have heard her scream. It nearly rendered him deaf.

He then took my finger back to her pussy. He rubbed her again right up to the brink of orgasm and stopped. He told her that now he has going to fuck her. She thanked him as he went to get the lubricant. He squirted it onto her ass hole and stick a finger up her ass. She started to cry again as she realized that he wasn’t planning on fucking her pussy. He then inserted two fingers into her ass, and she cried in pain even more.

He then stuffed his dick to her ass hole and proceeded to push it into her. She cried out in pain as she took her first dick up her ass. He started moving it in and out of her and with-in a minute she was enjoying it tremendously. She was begging him to fuck her ass. The faster he gat the more she panted. She then shook and went into an orgasm that she later told him was like an anal and pussy orgasm at once. It was the hardest orgasm that she had ever had.

He pulled out of her and went to the front of the table.

“ Clean you ass off of my dick.”. He said as he shoved his dick into her mouth.

She didn’t make any objections, she just took it into her mouth and sucked him. But the angle didn’t work to good for Mike. Do he decided that he would untie her. He then ordered her to the floor and she continued to suck him off.

“ I am getting close, make sure you swallow all of it.” He said as she waited for her reward.

She had always swallowed and like it, but this time she craved his cum. It wasn’t just something that she did at the end. It was somehow the main goal. She liked sucking him, but she had to have the cum.

Just as she thought she could wait no longer for it, he moaned out loud and started shooting squirt after squirt of his cum straight into her mouth. Her swallowed the first load and still got another half a mouth full. He must have shot at least 8 strings of cum from his dick. She swallowed the rest of it and looked up at him with a huge smile.

He took her up into his arms and gave her huge hug. He told her that she had the rest of the day off of training. He asked that she put on some sunscreen and go outside to tan for at least an hour. It wasn’t that hot outside so it wouldn’t burn her.

They both walked downstairs and went outside. Ashley saw Mike follow Taylor out to the back yard. They were both naked, so Ashley stripped off her cloths and came outside too. They all lathered each other down with sunscreen and sat around outside chatting. They spent the rest of the day just hanging out.

The next morning Mike decided to continue her training. He went to her room and led her again to the BDSB Room. He again strapped her to the wall with her back on the wall this time, facing out. He then went and got the clamps and weights. He started sucking on her tits and got them sticking out at full attention. After she was all turned on, he started to rub her pussy. He got her close to orgasm and stopped. He grabbed the clamps and attached them tightly to her nipples.

Taylor screamed out in pain as the clamps were applied. Her super sensitive nipples weren’t accustomed to torture. He then attached a chain to the clamps. He stuck his hand back to her pussy again and started rubbing her clit. this time and he rubbed her clit he lightly pulled at the chain, pulling her nipples outward causing immense pain. Taylor screamed as she started in orgasm. As she was orgasmed, Mike tugging hard on the chain and ripped the clamps off of her nipples. Taylor screamed out in agonizing pain and orgasm. She then passed out.

Mike stood there staring at her body as she laid limp with the restraints fully supporting her. After a few minutes she started to reawaken. Taylor slowly brought herself back to her feet. Mike reattached the nipple clamps and the chain. He then grabbed a 3 lb weight and attached in to the chain. He let it go once again causing Taylor to scream in pain. Her tears came down her face again and Mike went over to her. He bent down and licked the tears as they flowed down. Taylor looked at Mike and knew that he loved her. He was just doing what he had to do, and she would just have to endure these times.

He then bent down and attached a clamp onto her clit and tightened it up. The clamp had a chain on it along with a hook. He grabbed another 3 lb weight and attached it to her chain. He dropped the weight and the full force jerked her clit straight down. Once again Taylor screamed in agonizing pain. Mike gave her a moment to recover then he added another 2 lb weight to her nipple chain. She begged him to not drop it, but it went on death ears. Mike released the weight and once again Taylor screamed in agonizing pain. She cried and moaned as Mike left the room.

He returned an hour later to see that the pain had caused her to pass out. He was impressed by her iron will. He removed all of the weights and clamps. He undone her leg restraints and then her arm restraints. He picked her limp body up and took her to her bed. He laid her on the bed and examined her nipples and her pussy. He saw no real damage except for bruising on the nipples and her clit. Her nipples were really long due to them being stretched out. He couldn’t resist the opportunity. He stuck one into his mouth and started sucking on it hard.

Taylor felt the sensation that she was laying down and had was having her ultra-sensitive and sore nipple being sucked on. The feeling was one of both pleasure and pain, but right now the pleasure was out weighing the pain. She looked down to bee that her nipples were bruised badly, She had no time to worry about that now though, she must satisfy her master and his attention was worth all of the pain.

Once Mike had given Taylor a hard and painful nipple sucking, he laid down on his back and told her to 69 him. She lowered her throbbing pussy down on his lips and then starting sucking his hard cock. He saw that her clit was bruised severely, He knew that he may have left the clamps on her for too long with the weight. But this was training and he knew that bruising was a part of the process. He dig into licking her clit.

Taylor tried to just focus of sucking his dick. Her clit was just so sore and Mike’s tongue just rubbed the raw skin every time he licked her. It felt good but painful at the same time. Taylor knew that she had to endure these two weeks, she had already fallen in love with Mike and Ashley. Their was no other place she would have rather been. She had found the right couple. She was getting closer to an orgasm. She could feel it building quickly as Mike continues to eat her out. Taylor speed up on sucking Mike’s cock.

Just as Taylor was about to cum, Mike felt his own orgasm approaching. He grabbed a hold on Taylor clit and started sucking on it hard. Taylor screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, but didn’t take her mouth off of Mike’s dick. The vibration of that sent Mike off. He started squirting load after load of cum into Taylors mouth as Taylor starting streaming again, she was also in orgasm.

Taylor and Mike moved off each other and laid on the bed trying to catch their breath.

“ That was the best orgasm I have ever had.” Taylor said as she was catching her breath.

“ That felt really good Taylor, come up here and lay beside me.”

Taylor moved from the bottom of the bed into resting her head on her masters chest. She loved the closeness. She knew that she wouldn’t ever be as close to Mike as Ashley, but she still wanting to be loved and owned by someone who would love her as well. She could feel this coming from Mike. He was going to be the best of both in one. He really did love his new play toy, and she was glad to be the toy.

Mike knew that Taylor was the one. Everyday confirmed it more and more. He didn’t know how, but he was developing feelings for Taylor. He ability to take a beating, was such a turn on for him. He pushed her over onto the bed and and started kissing her slowly. He rubbed her bald head and was so entranced with her. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. Taylor could hold back her emotions. She let out a tear of joy from her eye. Mike took advantage and licked it off her face. Her then leaned down and kissed her lips again. He then grabbed a hold of her and hugged her tightly. He was falling in love with his slave, he would have to be careful to not fall to deep. He didn’t want to hurt Ashley or to make Taylor start feeling like an equal.

Mike and Taylor started kissing again and this time it was passionate and loving. Mike had hard again and this time he just wanted to stick it inside of her. He got on top of her and slowly inserted his dick into her pussy. Her pussy throbbed but she didn’t care. She never had wanted anyone that much before.
Mike entered her pussy and slowly started going in and out of her. The sensat