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James Pt 2 - Teen Toilet Fun

2023-01-21 01:34:27

This story and the stories to come in this series contain themes of homosexuality. The boys involved are all quite young, some under 16. If this doesn't interest you then stop reading now. This individual story has some sections of Water Sports, pissing (urinating).

After we'd finished the last kiss we got out of the showers, got dressed and walked home. The next day we met up again, at the bottom of my street to walk to school. Chris was still ill and therefore still off school, James and I talked about anything (not about the previous day) until we got to the gates. Then we were silent whilst we went and found our friends, it wasn't awkward between us. James was seemingly fine about what happened and I didn't want to upset him by bringing it up, so I didn't talk to him about the locker room incident for the rest of the week. A few weeks passed and we still didn't speak about what happened, Chris came back to school and didn't seem to know what his brother and I had done. We continued going swimming every Wednesday, nothing more happened between James and I, perhaps that was because Chris was coming again though. I never found out.

One Thursday I decided that I should speak to Chris, tell him what had happened. He was my friend and I felt like I owed him at least that. I approached him before school started and told him to meet me.

"Chris, I need to talk to you later. Meet me in the library at lunch..."

The first two lessons were hell, he wouldn't stop asking me what it was that I wanted to talk to him about. Mercifully, he wasn't in the lesson before lunch so I had some time to myself to think about how much to tell him and how to do so. The bell rang and I went to meet him at the library, I explained in the least shocking terms that James and I had "fooled around". He didn't react as badly as I thought he would, he said that he didn't care what his brother was doing whether it was with me or not.

Another few weeks passed with nothing much happening. Chris grew more confident though, he had started getting naked in the showers and locker room. I was happy for him, he did have a nice body and a pretty nice cock but I just didn't think of him like that. Like James, although saying that. James and I had become very good friends since that day in the locker room. So much so that we would often just go out together; to the cinema, the park or just to eachothers houses. Sometimes I'd go and watch him play football or whatever sport it was after school then walk home with him the long way, through the park and back around past our school. It took an extra 40 minutes but that just gave us time to talk before we had to get home. I enjoyed our little chats after school, James would do most of the talking - I would just listen. I found out that he was straight but just curious about other guys and their bodies, he said that he wanted to have sex with girls but he wanted to with boys too. When he told me this my heart leapt, for a brief moment I thought of the two of us together, boyfriends.

It was one such night after school, James having just finished Rugby or something that we decided to take the long route home through the park. We were just talking about his lessons and teachers at school when we passed the public toilets, they were always empty. The same sign that had been up for years was still on the door "Out of Order", everyone knew that it was just there to keep the addicts out. I stopped outside and told James.

"Give me a sec, I Haven't been all day."

"I need to go too actually..."

I went into the toilets first and pushed open the door, hearing James shut it behind me. We went over to the urinals and I went into the corner, he came and used the one nearest me.

"Ben. You know that day when we went swimming?"

"Um... which one? We've been like hundreds of times" I had a feeling which one he meant, by the way he said it but I didn't want to say anything until I was sure.

"You know... when we er..." His cheeks flushed red and it seemed that he was too nervous to piss.

"Ah. Yeah, that. What about it?"

"Just we haven't talked about it and it seems weird. I just wanted to say that it was my first time doing anything like that and it was great."

Obviously I already had a pretty good idea that he was a virgin before, it was still strange to know for a fact. The memories of that day came flooding back; his shaved cock, small balls, the view of his brown hair as he bobbed up and down on my cock... I was getting hard - pissing was impossible now. No matter how desperate I was.

"Ben. I want to do something like that again."

"Jesus, so do I. I didn't want to say anything in case it scared you off but you're the hottest guy I've done anything with.
What were you thinking of doing?"

"Well I've been watching this porn, these guys do something. Something that I think is a bit weird but I still wanna try it."

"Okay, what?"

"Will you piss on me?"

This took me completely by surprise. There't not a lot that guys can do together, really, I just assumed that he was going to say anal. We were both still standing holding our cocks at the urinals. Neither of us had been able to piss yet, so I thought 'what the hell...'. It's something new.

I nodded at James and he understood. He stood in the middle of the toilets and started unbuttoning his shirt; I, meanwhile, was taking off his pants. Within seconds he was wearing nothing but his tight briefs, I bent down and licked his dick through the material. Then I pulled them down to reveal his cock, foreskin drenched with precum. I took off my shirt, pants and boxers and we both stood beside eachother naked and grinning. James bent down, I thought he was going to suck my dick at first, then I realised he was lying down - I put my legs either side of his hips and stood holding my cock.

"Ready. Where am I aiming?"

"Everywhere, just let it spray."

I pulled back my foreskin and bent down so that I was practically sitting on his cock, then I let loose. A steady stream of quite clear urine hit him straight in the face; I moved back slightly so that it was hitting his chest and running down his stomach onto his cock and balls. I swirled my dick about so that piss went all over his arms, chest, face and the floor; about half way through I felt something hitting my balls, like a hose on full power. Obviously I jumped up, then I saw the colour of the 'water'. James was pissing too, I bent back down past his dick so that he could pee straight onto his own chest. The rest of mine went straight onto his stomach and ran down over his balls. He finished at about the same time as me, then he just looked up at me and smiled. His cock was fully erect now, as was mine.

We both started jacking off at the same time, James was using some of the piss to rub his cock in and I was still crouching over his legs. It only took a few minutes before we were both really close to cumming; I was first. I stood up as the first stream came out, hitting James square on the chest - the next three shots all landed around his stomach and cock. He then rubbed his cock in a patch of my cum and started jacking off again. Seconds passed before he thrust into his hand and released a huge wad of cum straight onto his own face. He sat up and pulled my face close to his, all he said was "Thank You" then we kissed.

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