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The Belated Christmas Present

2023-01-22 00:20:08

The Belated Christmas Present
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Two bothers have sex with their sister during a Christmas holiday

It was Christmas holiday week 1970, way before the days of internet porn. If you wanted naked ladies you looked at Playboy, if you were lucky. A lot of porn mags were still printed in black and white. That’s just what I had, a black and white magazine laying on the bathroom vanity while stroking my cock. My brother had passed the mag on a few days earlier. It was well used, page corners frayed and a few pages stuck together at one time.

At fifteen you like to jerk off, a lot. Stupid me, when I heard the doorknob twist I remembered I hadn’t locked it. Figuring it was my brother, no big deal but when I saw Susan strutting in my face went red, my jaw dropped three inches as I stood in shock, mid stroke. It wasn’t horror on her face; she stood dumbfounded like a deer frozen in the glare of oncoming headlights, her eyes bulging as she backed towards the door mumbling how she would tell mom when she got home.

The chase was on; I tripped over my underwear tangled at my ankles as I pursued her into the hallway. Her room was a disaster area; she dodged me at every attempt of grabbing her. I would be dammed if she would squeal on me, even if I had to threaten her life. It was a standoff, Susan on one side of the bed, me on the other. Every time I grabbed for her she would evade me to the other side.

I was naked and didn’t even realize it being so pissed off. But she did, as we stood there I watched her eyes gawking at my dick, the little bitch was interested in it. With one final attempt I grabbed her by the arm pulling her halfway across the bed before she pulled back leaving me with a handful of bathrobe. Still yanking hard the robe let loose from her arm causing her to swirl sideways and then the robe was coming off. I was screaming at her for invading my privacy while shaking her by the shoulders never taking notice that she was almost naked aside from her yellow panties. Then she was falling onto the bed with me following her.

About the time we landed our brother Phil entered the room to see what the commotion was but when he saw me landing on top of her he immediately got the wrong idea. He thought we were going to fuck, that was the last thing on my mind at that point. My erection was wilted until my brain finally absorbed the situation.

I pinned her down by the shoulders but when she tried to punch I switched to her wrists. By this time I was fully on top of her young body. I tried in vain to make her understand the seriousness of the consequences if she ratted me out. Struggling under my weight, her hips moving only caused my dick to begin swelling. There was a look of fear in her face as she knew I meant business, settling down after a moment or two she began to apologize but I still held her wrist tightly. Then things turned around quickly to my favor.

Susan begged me to let go of her. In the same breath but quietly muttered she promised not to tell if she could look at my “thingy”. Phil still wasn’t quite sure of what was going on. The three of us are close in age, mom and dad must have worked quickly, Phil was sixteen, I was fifteen, and Susan was fourteen, all just a year apart.

This wasn’t a pretty scene, a naked boy on top of his virtually naked sister while their brother stood watching while taking his shirt off. A combination of lust, humiliation, and the need to orgasm filled my body. Regretfully I started to saw my dick back and forth against the thin material covering her mound.

Phil still thought we were going to fuck and with his help I slid between her legs when he forcibly pried her legs apart at the ankles. He stood there spilling out a long list of instructions on how to fuck. I reached between us trying to get her panties off her hips as she continued to struggle under me. Then I felt Phil’s hands beside me. She never said no, she never screamed, she never objected but Phil had her undie's hanging from a finger when he got through.

I was old enough to know better, you don’t fuck your sister and surely don’t fuck someone who doesn’t want too, but like I said Susan never said stop. My face was buried into her neck as I kissed a trail leading to her nipple. For a girl of fourteen she had pretty nice tits. The nipple hardened as I sucked in, then the other one. With little struggle from her she widened her legs as I again slipped between them as my dick probed around. I wasn’t sure of what I supposed to do or how to do it. But nature took over for both of us.

My dick ran across her slit several times before it slipped easily up and down it. On each slide upwards it would dip slightly in until it became wedged in her outer her cunt lips. Her clenched eyes flew open as panic crossed her face. He mouth opened somewhat but no words escaped, she wanted to say something, not sure if it would be the dreaded “no” word I put more pressure on my hips, my dick crept a little further. Several times I retreated back and forth, not courageous enough to bury myself I noticed a distinct increase in the slime factor each time I dipped. The girl was lubing up for my grand entrance.

Meanwhile Phil had undressed standing naked beside the bed grabbing his dick and balls barking orders to fuck her. My brian had gone light, my body was thinking with its little head, Susan is wiggling under me, Phil’s giving orders, Susan wants to say stop but her mind is too messed up, her hips rotating under me, not sure if it’s a sign to plunge in or an effort to elude my probing dick, I moved my hips downward at the same time Susan elevates hers setting off a serious of events that would change all three of our lives.

My dick was wet from our secretions permitting effortless access to her virgin cunt. As the head disappeared I felt it pass a constricted ring which I guessed to be her cherry. Watching her facial expressions caused great torture to me as Susan’s teeth bit her bottom lip I irresponsibly kept the momentum going until my balls were resting tightly against her skin. It didn’t make any difference to her that I had went slow, taking my time shredding her womanhood to fragments, the tears still welled up in her eyes until they flowed down her cheeks. I felt like an asshole. How low could I go?

It seemed like an hour lying perfectly still watching her face as it contorted, having let go of her wrist I took her blonde hair into my hands stroking the lengths of it. In reality maybe a minute passed, I nuzzled my face into her neck not wanting to move, Phil in the background breathing heavily mumbling how he couldn’t believe I was actually fucking our sister. I had enough, I was about to get off her fragile body when I felt it, her hands went around my backside caressing it. Propping myself up on my elbows her face still didn’t have any signs of a smile but it had a different look. Then her hips began to move slightly upwards, once then twice, and then I got the message.

I tried pushing more of my dick into her cunt but there was no more to go in. I drew away from her body only to find her hands pulling me back into her again. I was a slow learner, we both were, but after a minute or two I was sawing in and out of my sister’s moist pussy as her hips continued to meet each of my thrusts. Meanwhile a more experienced Phil approached the side of the bed and began kissing Susan as his hands tweaked her nipples. Pulling her head to the side before Susan knew what was happening he was forcing his dick into her mouth. I heard her gag as the dick began to vanish.

A slew of dirty phrases escaped his mouth as he held her head with both hands. Regaining her composure he avoided going too deep. She took his advice sucking just the head while swirling her tongue around the perimeter. Out of no where it started deep inside my gut, that special feeling you get just seconds before you cum. I had fucked her a few minutes but not long enough, I wanted more, much more.

A young girl’s cunt is designed to trick a boy’s body, making it feel so good that he wants to spill his seed within it. I just couldn’t pull out; I needed to send my sperm on a voyage. But a sense a reality hit me as the first long rope of white cum splattered against her cervix; hastily I pulled out as the other two watched in amazement as I liberated the rest of my orgasm. The second shot just as strong as the first exited my hole flying through the air plastering her skin from bellybutton to her tit, one more thick gooey line of sperm sat beside the other one as my spasms slowed.

As my body relaxed I knelt flanked by her thighs; a few insignificant pulsations ejected themselves. I almost fainted from the intensity; woozy, I looked down at the gobs of pasty cum coating her pale skin. The last of my cum refused to fall leaving a three inch string hanging from my dick. Phil was moving towards me, that huge piece of meat poking straight up looking menacing. Pushing me aside he replaced me on top of our sister. I am sure he fucked someone before this, there was no fumbling like I did, his dick aimed straight at her cunt, one push it was submerged. He was so much larger than I was.

Susan let out a stifled whimper, my deposit of cum surely helped lubricate them. Walking around in circles my head began to clear, I became aware of just what the three of us had committed. Incest. My dick was almost hanging; a little firmness still remained as I watched from the end of the bed. The large figure on top of my sister had her legs pushed up high as he rode her, what a sight to view his hog sliding into her over and over. I was still horny and wanted more, and I got it. After watching Phil violate her mouth why couldn’t I?

Grasping my dick I pulled her head towards the edge I noticed a darkish ring next to my pubic hairs. She was cherry after all; a slight coating of blood had collected at the base turning into a dark burgundy. At first she didn’t want my dick but I begged like a little boy in a candy shop. Finally Phil told her to suck the thing so I would shut up. It was great having her suck a half-staff wiener, within two minutes I was again hard as she slobbered on it.

Phil relentlessly plowed her cunt over and over lasting way longer than I did. Eventually he peaked, Phil was rough around the edges, his mouth poured out obscenities calling poor Susan a “fucking hoar”, a “dirty little douche bag” telling her he was going to fill her womb with sperm and how she was going to love it. Sad truth he was right, I watched in wonder as his body tensed up becoming rigid; he pushed his hips extremely hard against Susan’s body, his breath in short, fast and sharp gasps, the muscles in his ass cheeks were like hardened steel as he gave a long hushed howl as he busted his nuts. I knew he had his dick jammed tight in her cunt but his body was trying to get more in as he tried forcing himself into her.

Susan’s mouth had let go of my dick before he came, she was smiling as he unloaded in her, he was right she liked it. He was all through cumming but continued pumping her pussy for a few more minutes before rising. His mouth spilled out another round of swears as he walked across the room, his dick swaying back and forth covered in cum leaving the two of us alone. It was getting close to noon, mom would be home soon.

My dick was still stiff from Susan’s sucking, oh what the hell I climbed on board for one more trip. I took one look at her cunt, it hadn’t dawned on me what it would look like, for the first time I actually got a good look. I started to get queasy, her legs still wide, her knees bent, her feet flat on the bed as Phil’s cum trickled out of her parted cunt lips in a feeble stream running down over her brown asshole. It looked like a long white clot with several larger curds in it as it pooled on the brown bedspread.

I began fucking her, it wasn’t like before, Phil had stretched her wide, I couldn’t get the sight of his cum out of my mind, she was plain old loose. But I did blow another load in her. We each took a shower to clean up, I was bit scared she would cry rape when mom got home but she didn’t. It was nice belated Christmas present!


We had a hard time facing each other at dinner, Phil never wanted to speak of the ordeal after that. A month later looking for another piece of ass I approached Susan, she was cool to the idea at first but eventually came around. Phil informed us we were all lucky Susan didn’t get knocked up and he wanted no part. That was ok with me; she was tight as ever every time we fucked. I promised to pull out when I came. I did at first but then I started letting the first wave of sperm spill inside. She never caught on until she missed her period that summer. But in the end it was a false alarm, it did come three week late. That put an end to our fucking but for six months I was happiest boy in town.