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Breeder Rape Future_(1)

2023-01-24 00:09:40

“Jenny, you’re home late!” My mom exclaimed when I came through the front door. I dropped my backpack and shrugged.

“I got raped on the way home. It was just one guy but he took a while.”

“Sounds like a Monday! I saved you a plate for dinner.”

“Thanks, mom.”

I could still feel my rapist’s cum inside me. He had grabbed me on the bus and dragged me off. I would have had to go with him anyway, but some guys just liked the dominance. He threw me on the sidewalk and made me suck his dick while pedestrians walked around us. He had a big cock; not especially long but very thick and it made my jaw ache to suck it for so long. He squeezed my tits so hard I was sure I had a bruise. I had groaned when I tasted pre-cum, which he mistook for protest and slapped me, hard. I went down and stayed down while he pushed my skirt up and fucked my cunt. I was sure I was already pregnant from a rape earlier in the month, but that didn’t mean I had a right to say no. Women weren’t supposed to wear pants, underwear…anything that blocked access to their pussies anymore. He choked me while he fucked me and came hard inside me. The whole time he raped me, people just walked around us like it was nothing out of the ordinary. When he finished, he spit on me and called me a whore. I brought my legs up to my chest, like I was supposed to, to keep the cum inside me. After a few minutes I got back up and finished walking home, sore from the attack and leaking cum down the inside of my thighs.

Typical Monday.

The next day at work when I came in my boss was already fucking his secretary. He was a possessive guy so he kept her chained to her desk. She piss and shit in a bucket that maintenance emptied once a day, and wasn’t allowed much clothing, if any. She was swollen with pregnancy so the boss fucked her in the ass hard every morning, not wanting to risk harming the baby. It was probably his, but he let some of the other guys fuck her, too, so we couldn’t be sure. I walked past the office and saw her bent over painfully while our boss mercilessly fucked her ass. I could see her wincing and wondered how close to baby was. I’d seen her raped anally and orally while giving birth once, and I had a feeling it might happen again. I wasn’t sure how much actual work she got done, but the office ran smoother when the boss was happy, so it all worked out.

I walked into my office and saw my desk chair had been pulled out from the desk. There was a large metal dildo on my chair with a post-it that said “ANAL LATER”. I sighed, pulled up my skirt and grabbed the lube from my purse. Sometimes the guys I worked with would pick a female coworker to pull a train on and it looked like my turn. I smeared some lube on my asshole and some on the dildo. I positioned myself over the dildo and pushed it into me. It was cold and I felt my hole constrict at the sensation. Gritting my teeth, I held it by the base and worked it up into my ass. Once I felt the head of the steel cock pop through my tight hole I was able to push the rest of it up into me. The sensation of hard fullness inside me was already making my pussy wet. I didn’t know how much later my anal fucking would be, so I tried to adjust to having the dildo up my ass while I started my work.

The company I worked for designed and manufactured breeding tables and accessories. Every now and then, a woman would disobey the law and try to resist a rape, abort a pregnancy, etc. When that happened, they were sent to a breeding center for re-education. We visited the centers as children, so we would understand what would happen to us if we broke the law. The centers were typically large, warehouse-like buildings with only one main room. The room housed all the prisoners. They were strapped to breeding tables 24/7, and the floor was a metal grate. The women were not allowed clothing or food. They received intravenous nutrition and remained in a fuckable position all day and night. The tables were convertible, so their positions could be changed (by others, not the women, of course). Men could visit the breeding centers night and day and were given full access to the prisoners, who were fitted with permanent O-rings in their mouths so they could never refuse administering oral sex. Women in the centers received a brand on their lower backs, marking them as whores for use.

Every kind of whore was available at the centers. Any taste a man had could be was available there, and there was no limit to what you could do to a breeding whore. The first time I visited a center, they showed us a breeding whore who was due to give birth. She was in a harness, suspended facedown a few feet above the floor, with her legs spread wide and holes exposed. There was a man fucking her mouth and another fucking her ass while a third fingered her pussy. Her water broke and the men started fucking her harder. She screamed as the baby came, and cried while all her holes were brutalized. Throughout the entire labor, different men came and went, fucking her and pumping her full of cum. Several men pissed and spat on her while she hung helplessly above the floor, her screams muffled by cock relentlessly pumping in her throat. The man who was fingering her pussy finally pulled the baby out, cut the cord and handed it to a nurse. The whore was dripping sweat and weeping, and the man anally raping her at the moment slapped her ass hard and grunted. The afterbirth slipped out and landed on the floor with a splat. The man fucking her ass shoved his fist in her stretched cunt and laughed. This is what awaited any woman who defied the RRA.

I heard a scream from down the hall and knew the boss was finished his morning rape of his secretary. That meant the staff meeting could start. We had a new feature coming out for our breeding tables; new, high suction milking cups. The whores bound to the table were expected take cock all day and be bred. After giving birth, they would be hooked up to lactation pumps so the breastmilk wasn’t wasted. Our company developed a lactation pump that would force lactation even if the whore hadn’t birthed yet. It was very painful for the whore, but that was seen as more of a bonus than a detriment. Investors were coming today to view the product in action.

I got up and walked gingerly to the conference room. I had to step carefully to make sure the dildo in my ass didn’t slip. While walking down the hall, a male coworker came up behind me and spanked me right on the base of the dildo, shoving it slightly farther up my ass. I faltered and he winked at me. I would be taking his cock later. In the conference room, we had a display presentation for the new product. I saw the table; a steel apparatus with stirrups and cuffs that kept the breeding whore incapable of free movement, but available to be readjusted as her breeder desired. I expected to see someone in the shackles already, but thought nothing of it as I took my seat. As everyone else sat down, I noticed the men were glancing at me and leering. They probably all knew what inside me at the moment; I would definitely be late for dinner tonight.

My boss came in, leading his secretary by a leash and collar, and sat at the head of the conference table. She winced as she got down on her knees; if anyone wanted head during the meeting, she would be providing. She was a very pretty girl, and young; barely 20. Her legs and arms had remained slender despite her protruding belly and swollen tits. The boss had only allowed her to wear a sheer nightgown that barely covered her swollen stomach. She was already leaking from her nipples and she was required to wear high heels and whore makeup to the office. Her blonde hair was back in a ponytail, which the boss liked to pull hard when he fucked her. As soon as she was on all fours, one of the visiting contractors beckoned her over to him, unzipping his fly and grinning. She shuffled over on her hands and knees to him, pregnant belly touching the floor, and he pulled out an O-ring gag.

“Do I need to use this?” he asked. She shook her head and dutifully opened her mouth. He grabbed a fistful of hair and shoved her face into his crotch. I watched her ponytail flounce up and down as he fucked her mouth. I couldn’t help but get a little wet wondering if she was touching herself while she took his cock down her throat. Our boss got up and motioned to the breeding table.

“This is our standard BT-2100. You put a bitch in one of these and she’s not getting out till they carry her away. We position the whore in the sling, and lock her in to the cuffs and stirrups. The stirrups and cuffs are fully adjustable, so you can stretch her limbs as wide as you want. The apparatus is on a hinge, so you can flip her on her back, side, front, whatever way you want. And it’s capable of being fully accessorized. Standard accessories are the Robo-Dick, a mechanized fucking machine to keep the whore’s holes stretched when she’s not being bred; the Belly Bar, to tighten her down into place if need be; the Choker, if she tries to move her head and for newly lactating breedwhores, our Lactation Cups. They suck the breastmilk out of a bitch that’s just birthed so we can use the breastmilk. What we’ve done is created a new line of Lactation Cups that can force lactation in any one of these whores, regardless of where they are in a breeding cycle. Even if they haven’t been bred yet, we can induce it. This will exponentially increase the production of tit milk.” The people in the room clapped; even the contractor getting his dick sucked. While our boss had been talking, the man sitting next to me had started fingering my pussy. He was absently rubbing his fingers on my clit during the presentation and it was probably only a matter of time before he had me bent over the table, fucking me. It was inconvenient for meetings, but not unheard of.

“Now, me telling you about our new product is one thing; seeing it is another. Jenny?” When the boss said my name I turned in surprise. Was I supposed to present something? “Come up here, please.” The man sitting next to me slapped my cunt and withdrew his hand. I walked up front and stood next to my boss, feeling slightly embarrassed. “Have you been bred recently?”

“I’ve been receiving regular cunt fuckings, but I don’t know my breeding status at the moment,” I answered.

“Here we have a female who has not recently birthed, but may or may not be pregnant at the moment.” Suddenly, my boss grabbed the collar of my shirt and tore it off me, exposing my naked 36DD breasts. The tatters of my blouse fell away, and he yanked my skirt down around my ankles. Dumbfounded, I stood nude in front of the room. Obviously, my boss (and any man in the room) had the right to fuck me whenever he wanted, but this was still unusual. “Jenny, please sit in the sling.” My heart sank. I was to be the visual aid for the meeting. I knew I couldn’t refuse, but I was too shocked to move. My boss nodded to two coworkers who sprang up and grabbed me by the wrists and ankles. I didn’t resist as they seated me in the sling and cuffed me into the breeding apparatus. One of the men reached under me and yanked the metal dildo out of my ass, making a popping sound as it exited me. My boss pushed a button and I was flipped over, facedown a couple feet above the floor.

“Breedwhores are fully processed before entering the centers, but this bitch has not been. Allow me to prepare her for the demonstration." I couldn’t see what was happening behind me, but I felt something cold and thin go up my ass. Suddenly, a rush of warm water surged into my bowels. The fullness of it pressed against my intestines uncomfortable and I tried not to cry out.

“Hold it in, Jenny, be a good girl,” my boss coaxed, groping my exposed tits. I held the water inside me as best I could as it continued to rush into me. I heard laughter and knew my discomfort was obvious. Finally, the hose was withdrawn and I thought I would be able to expel the enema. “Not yet. Did I say you were done?” My boss demanded. I gulped and clenched my asshole. It was hard to do, what with the stretching I had received earlier. I could feel some water leaked out of my hole and I was relieved when my boss told me I could let go. I relaxed my sphincter muscles and let the warm water and shit pour out of my asshole, hopefully into a bucket. When I opened my eyes, I saw the secretary beneath me, bathed in my enema. I felt bad for her, but worse for myself. She crawled away to suck a coworker’s dick and the boss turned his attention back to me.

“Now that she is prepared, the fuckwhore will be administered like any other disobedient bitch.” I felt a hot pain on my lower back and screamed. They were branding me! I started to feel panic. Being presented was one thing, but the brand was permanent. What was happening?! The hot iron was removed from my back and my boss slapped my round, firm ass, laughing. “You see, Jenny isn’t always a good girl. I was supposed to have her yesterday but she left work early. Denial is tantamount to refusal, as we all know…” I felt my eyes go wide.

“No! I had no idea! Please, I’ll do anything!” I screamed. I tried to struggle against my bonds but it was no use. The people in the room laughed, and my boss slapped my cunt.

“I believe you’ll do anything. You won’t have a choice.” I heard something being rolled in behind me. “The aforementioned Robo-Dick!” I heard my boss announce. “Audience choice; cunt or ass?” Cries of “Cunt!” “Ass!” “Both!” rang out and I felt the tip of the dildo rest against my battered asshole. With a whirr, the Robo-Dick plunged into my hole and began fucking me rapidly. It felt huge, much bigger than what had been in my ass earlier in the day. I felt like I was being fucked in half. I cried out, but my boss only increased the speed. “As you can see, we have attached our largest dildo to the Robo-Dick, to help break the whore in.” I hung there helplessly while the machine pounded my ass. Suddenly, the pain turned to something else. I began to feel a rising warmth in my cunt, and realized I was enjoying the anal savaging I was receiving. Cursing my body for betraying me, I screamed as an intense orgasm ripped through me. The audience applauded and my boss turned off the Robo-Dick, pulling it out of my ass with one swift motion, tearing my ass as he did.
“Now that her cunt has been primed, any volunteers?” I couldn’t see the seated people but I heard shouts of “Me! Me!” ring out and saw feet approaching me. I tried to look up, and saw several coworkers lined up in front of me; I didn’t know how many were behind. “As I mentioned, the hinge…” my boss said, and pushed another button, flipping me over again. I tried to look up and saw a line of men standing in front of my spread legs. “The spreading mechanism…” he said, and I felt my legs spread wide, wider…I was almost doing a split. The pain was unbelievable as the first man stepped between my legs. He unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. His cock was huge, swollen. He put his hands on my hips and positioned himself against me.

“You want it, whore?” He whispered. “You want it, don’t you, you fucking slut.” With that, he rammed his massive cock into me and the crowd cheered. I grimaced but tried not to react. I felt his swollen head force its way into my pussy and felt it hit the wall of my uterus. He fucked me with long, hard strokes, racking my body and making my tits bounce. My boss and several others stood near my and groped my tits, pinching and biting my nipples while the man assaulted my cunt.

“The whore looks unwilling to provide fellatio, and therefore I believe the choker is necessary,” my boss announced. Before I could protest, I felt a tight cuff go around my throat and snap my head down at a sharp angle. My neck ached and I saw the cock that was to go in my mouth. My man was holding an intimidating metal O-ring gag that looked like a spider. The Choker prevented me from speaking as he fixed it in between my teeth, rendering me incapable of closing my mouth. Spit immediately began to run out of the corners of my mouth and dripped into my eyes as the man began rubbing his cock and pre-cum on my face. His cock was even bigger than the one raping my pussy. I tried to close my eyes as I felt it slide over my tongue and down into my throat. His sweaty, hairy balls were pressed up against my nose and his cock was blocking my throat; I was completely unable to breathe. I felt the panic rise in my chest and at the last minute he pulled out, letting me suck in air. It was momentary, and in a second my face was buried in his crotch again. He started fucking my mouth more rapidly, and I felt the pace of the cock in my pussy pick up, too. They were pounding me in rhythm, and I felt someone spurt hot cum on my stomach as the assault hastened. Pre-cum was leaking out of the cock in my throat and I tried to swallow but the Choker prevented it. Saliva and pre-cum ran out of my mouth, down my face and into my eyes, until I felt the balls up against my face start to twitch. The man fucking my mouth grabbed one of my breasts so hard I thought it would pop and shot hot, salt streams of cum into my mouth. Almost simultaneously, the man fucking my pussy squeezed his hands around my waist and spurted cum inside me. They both lingered for a moment, then withdrew. Cum, spit and tears now covered my face. The stirrups shot up, keeping the cum in my pussy, and the man who was fucking my mouth pissed on my face to wash off his cum. I closed my eyes, but I couldn’t keep it out of my mouth. The Choker was removed and I was ordered to swallow.

“Now that you have seen the standard accessories, allow me to display our new product.” My boss hit the button that flipped me again, and now I was upright, spread eagle and facing the boardroom, piss, cum and spit cascading down my face. Any women in the room were servicing the men, someone of them taking two or three cocks at once. The secretary was on her knees sucking our boss and moaning softly while he played with her tits. My pussy felt raw and I was coughing so hard I thought I would throw up. But the worst was still coming. “The new Lactation Cups allow for around the clock, forced lactation. Observe.” I felt him place the hard plastic cups on my breasts, and press a button on them. Instantly, the suction began. I have always had large, perky breasts and I knew from the other times I had been milked after a pregnancy that I lactated easily; this was something totally different. The suction cups closed around my nipples and pulled hard. It felt like they were being torn off. Cum was leaking out of my pussy, so our boss instructed the secretary to lick it off my thighs while he removed my gag. I tried not to scream, but the pain on my breasts was unbelievable. Finally, I felt the extreme pressure lessen; milk had begun to flow from my tits. It funneled through the cups and down tubes into a container on the table. The cups continued massaging my breasts and sucking at my nipples as milk pumped out of my tender nipples. Even I could admit it was amazing. The room cheered again, and the boss grabbed his secretary by her hair and continued face fucking her. “Voila!” he exclaimed. He turned the cups off and peeled them off my breasts. Milk continued running down my body for a few moments but eventually stopped. I felt exhausted. Every muscle in my body ached, and my three holes felt like they had been stretched beyond natural capacity. While the men in the room finished in the women’s holes, I stayed up on display. Various men came up and fondled me over the next hour, pinching my painful nipples and kneading my sore breasts. Eventually the meeting broke up and everyone left to go to Happy Hour.

I don’t know if they’ll ever let me down.